Our vinyl angle beads are specially manufactured with striation and perforation along the flanges, which provide positive bonding of plaster to the product and substrates which they are attached. It also creates excellent alignment at corner or angle of structure after finishing is done.

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Item Descriptions
Length 2.45M 3M
pcs / box
100 200

Comparisons between Zinc and PVC Angle / Corner Beads

Evaluations Zinc PVC
Safety Made of thin zinc sheet, chip off upon HIGH impact, leaving sharp edges of zinc sheet with high risk on injury. Made of thicker PVC which will only leave indentation mark on high impact, reducing risk on injury.
Design selection Only limited to a few designs. Multiple designs are available for different applications:
- External corner plastering with various thickness
- Household shelter door corner skim coat
- Acute angle and curve corners plastering
- Internal 90o corner plastering
- Window ledge 2-in-1 drip-line and corner bead plastering
Re-plastering Once chip off with cavity, re-plaster over the damaged area is not possible. Re-plastering is easy over the indentation mark.
Rust resistance Only thin layer of plaster covering the zinc corner bead, water moisture can seep through causing material to rust. PVC material does not rust.
Appearance The material is dark in colour, thus the wall corner will surface a dark line after some time. White PVC material blends in very well with plaster and paint.
Handling The stiff material can cause permanent deformation upon mishandling. PVC material is flexible, lower risk to permanent deformation during handling.
Laboratory Test Not tested. Compliance to:
ASTM D638-03 Tensile Test
ASTM D790-03 Flexural Test
ASTM D1525 Vicat Softening Point
ASTM D648 Deflection Test
ASTM D1308 Chemical Test

Polyvinyl Chloride
Mean Tensile Strength(MPa) 25.7
Mean Flexural Strength @ 5% Strain(MPa) 56.3
Mean Deflection Temperature(°C)
Mean Vicat Softening Temperature(°C) 80.7
Chemical Resistance No colour changed and visual defects
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