In today's construction industry, building contractors use the Form Tie System on a vast scale since it offers fast and easy assembly and removal of the temporary formwork. The system saves construction costs, as all parts are reusable except for the separator (inner unit) which is casted into the concrete structures. Moreover, the system prevents breakage in the formwork and thus keep the concrete structures in a good shape without discolouration.

Type Diameter
HDB Requirement
Safety Load
(70%) (N/mm2)
Effective Workload (kg/pc)
B System 8.34 54.63 500 350 1950
D System 11.11 96.95 500 350 3460

Item Descriptions Packaging
B Form Tie 250 c/w Nut 100 pcs/ carton
B9 Inner Unit 100 pcs/ bundle
B-Cone 400 pcs/ carton
Rubber Ring 9mm 100 pcs/ bag
D Form Tie 50 pcs/ bundle
D12 Inner Unit 50 pcs/ bundle
D-Cone 200 pcs/ carton
Item Descriptions Packaging
Rubber RIng 12mm 100 pcs/ bag
Hex Nut 1/2inch 1,000 pcs/ carton
Slab Joiner 9mm 500 pcs/ carton
Flat Rib Washer 100 x 50 250 pcs/ carton
Flat Rib Washer 150 x 50 200 pcs/ carton
Three Shape Washer 250 pcs/ carton
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