Tile is a non-homogeneous material, thus unable to chamfer off neatly at the 90 degree corner. K.U.S’s Tile Trim is specially designed to provide smooth chamfering at these corners. It comes in numerous colour selections to either blend into your tile’s colour theme or to manifest a contracting periphery.

Apart from the conventional round shape PVC tile trim, K.U.S has newly developed the square shape PVC tile trim and the first ever Stainless Steel wrapped PVC tile trim in both round and square shape. The stainless steel surface enhances the parameter of tile wall, projecting a stylish and elegant trimming.

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Item Descriptions PS-10 PS-12
Length 2.45M 2.45M
pcs / box
100 100

Item Descriptions
Stainless Steel
Round 12mm
Stainless Steel
Round 9mm
Stainless Steel
Square 9mm
PVC Round 9mm PVC Round 12mm PVC Square 9mm
Length 2.45M 2.45M 2.45M 2.45M 2.45M 2.45M
pcs / box
60 60 40 100 100 100

Stainless Steel
Type SUS 304
Finish BA/A
Tensile Strength(MPa)
Elongation(%) 40
Hardness(HV) 220
Thickness loss after Abrasion test(mm) 0.001
Polyvinyl Chloride
Mean Tensile Strength(MPa) 25.7
Mean Flexural Strength @ 5% Strain(MPa) 56.3
Mean Deflection Temperature(°C)
Mean Vicat Softening Temperature(°C) 80.7
Chemical Resistance No colour changed and visual defects
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