Talking about change and innovation? In K.U.S we envision the future needs and then we bring to life a new way to solve our customer’s problem.

Stainless Steel Strip is made of high quality PVC with embedded stainless steel on the surface. It’s the first control joint strip ever released in the market with adjustable flange that allows the height to be adjusted with the adjoining flooring.  It provides smooth transition between tiled surfaces and other adjoining floor coverings such as natural stone, parquet, laminated wood, carpet and pavers.


K.U.S tile trims was distinctively designed to provide solution to unsightly tiled corners and create an aesthetically pleasing, neat and smooth finished tile transition. Aside from the conventional PVC Round shape, we developed another line of tile trims that will surely fit your distinct taste for a more stylish trimming. The new PVC Square and Stainless Steel with body wrapped in PVC are the newest tile trim design first ever introduced in the market. These products are made of high quality PVC and stainless steel characterized with high resistant to corrosion. Both have been designed not only for tile edge protection but also for decorative purposes in wall and floor installations.

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